High Schools

Peer pressure, suicide, depression and bullying have always been taboo topics of discussion. Parents struggle to find a way to connect to their teens and teens do not always view their parents as the ideal person to open up to. Hollywood alone cashes in the on these topics making movie after movie, oftentimes completely missing the mark when it comes to encouraging teens to open up about their challenges.

The false expectation of perfect continues to increase. Pressure is put on teens to be something that is essentially unachievable. The ability to be able to attack from the safety of a keyboard has seen a huge increase in bullying online and a vicious circle begins.  Print media offers up unrealistic expectations of how one should look, what one should achieve and how one should behave, notions which the under developed teenage mind can’t yet realistically grasp.

The aim of Happy Monday is to offer a platform to schools, teachers and parents surrounding these issues. It is a discussion which offers valuable tools to teenagers on how to actively assess and combat bullying, seek help for depression, suicide and offer up alternative options to stress.

It is absolutely imperative that these discussions are held regularly, not only in the home but in the school. Not only between teachers and parents, but between peers most importantly.

With happiness currently being equated to how many followers one has on instagram, or how many times a post on social media is liked, the focus needs to be taken away from the immaterial and essentially rose-tinted social media world and brought back to meaningful relationships and self-fulfilling activities. Finding happiness within oneself is a social skill that can be learnt.

Liane McGowan from Happy Monday is a psychology graduate who has developed a +/45 minute interactive discussion, for high school children on the issues surrounding bullies, being bullied, depression, suicide, how they are interlinked, deriving happiness from oneself and coping mechanisms for stress. In a concise and interactive way, Liane engages with high school children to help them understand how bullies work, how depression works, when to get involved, who to turn to and more.  Liane also has a blog in which high school kids are able to continue engaging and speaking about these topics with their peers on a safe and judgement free platform supervised by the Happy Monday Team.

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