Who we are

“The first of it’s kind! A South African wellness campaign that focuses on mental health and happiness.”

Liane McGowan

Founder & Owner
BA (HSSS) Psychological Counselling
Registered as a Specialist Counsellor with the CCSA, ASCHP and Counsellors South Africa

Liane McGowan obtained her degree in Psychology through UNISA in 2012. Liane has worked as an operations manager with Currin’t Events for over 12 years, working directly with medium and large corporates in South Africa. During these years, Liane identified a need for a mental wellbeing focus and began researching the topic of happiness within the corporate space.

Liane conducted her honours research report in 2010 on the prerequisites for successful retirement for adults over the age of 60; where she found that happiness in retirement was linked to happiness in the workplace.

With teenagers of her own, Liane has further developed the campaigns to target Bullying, Suicide and Happiness for High School children. Allowing kids to talk openly, Liane discusses the issues around these topics with High School kids to help eliminate the increase of bullying and suicide rates we’re seeing in South Africa.

Happy Monday has also developed a blog in which teens can share and talk and use the platform to seek advice in a judgement free environment monitored by Liane and her team.

Kimberly Currin

Co-Owner & Operations

Kimberly obtained an IMM marketing diploma and has been running successful events and campaigns for over 7 years. She is an integral part of our operations team.

Dayle Mallinson

Operations Manager

Dayle has been working in the events industry for 10 years. Both behind the scenes and on the mic, Dayle is an entertaining and effective public speaker. With extensive experience in hosting events and workshops, Dayle is at her happiest when sharing knowledge and skills to her listeners.

Dayle also has an international qualification in sports coaching and spent 12 years working with children and adults in a competitive environment.

Conrad Koch

Corporate Facilitator

Conrad Koch is one of South Africa’s most in demand comedic talents. Conrad studied psychology and is a corporate anthropologist with a Masters Degree in the subject.

Conrad combines hilarious comedy with world class puppetry and has done so for over fifteen years to local and international acclaim.

Conrad is unique in using his combination of razor sharp comedy with an understanding of human dynamics to create effective corporate communication. His comedy and knowledge is the sugar to effectively deliver the medicine of your message.